Heat Resistant Tile Grout

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Tile Grout Resistant to 1000⁰C for grouting tiles which have been fixed with Vitcas® Tile Adhesive.

Applications:  Do not grout tiles immediately after fixing. Leave for a few days to be sure that the adhesive has had time to set properly before grouting. Mix with water to a trowelling consistency and apply with a grouting float. After 30 minutes, wipe off the excess with a damp cloth.

Coverage is approximately 2 m2 per kg for 200mm x 200mm tiles with a 3mm joint.

Heat Resistant Tile Grout HRG


Grouting around tiles:

  • in fireplaces, 
  • in stoves, 
  • at the back of range cookers
Product is suitable for other high temperature settings.

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