Wood burning clay ovens for bread & pizza
Pre-cast shapes


The Vitcas® Pompeii series is manufactured from high quality refractory materials. The Pompeii ovens are larger in size than the “Vitcas® Casa” series, while still retaining the simplicity of construction.
The basic oven is easy to assemble. It needs to be well insulated to provide maximum efficiency, which is why we supply Vitcas Insulation Boards and Insulation Blankets. You can add any additional insulation if you would like to further improve its performance. You can also add other components to change the design such as decorative bricks or tiles, paint it any colour, etc. This gives the opportunity for you to customise it according to your own vision, so that it fits the aesthetic of your garden or home.

Vitcas® Pompeii wood burning bread and pizza oven is the original in the Pompeii series. It has the capacity to hold 3-4 pizzas at a time, which makes it ideal for domestic applications. Perfect for family and friend gatherings, as well as for when you want to make more pizzas for your family to enjoy over the following day.
The wood-fired pizza oven has a high heat retention, provided that it is insulated well. This means that you can use it for slow-cooking or overnight roasting of delicacies. The residual heat can also be used next day for cooking, grilling or baking without using additional fuel, thus saving on wood. Economically and environmentally friendly.
The Pompeii can be installed and safely used outdoors or indoors when following all the building safety precautions. Most commonly it is found outdoors as the centerpiece in many gardens.

The dimensions of the oven are as follows:

External: 1,000mm wide x 1,120mm deep x 440mm high
Internal: 800mm wide x 400mm high
No. of pizzas: 3-4 at the time

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