Refractory Cement / Mortars

Refractory brick setting mortars fall into two different groups; air setting and heat setting.
As the name suggests the air setting types are supplied in wet form and they set on exposure to the air.
Heat setting mortars are supplied in dry form and need to be mixed with water.

We manufacture a range of air setting cement mortars to cover the various requirements for the different properties required for high alumina bricks, dense fireclay bricks and lightweight insulation bricks.
The Vitcas Range of mortars are alumina based materials and the Silcas Range are silica based materials.

Wet mortars are designed for thin joints of 3 – 5mm and it is important to match the strength of the mortar joint with the strength of the bricks. If the joint is weaker than the bricks then cracking will tend to occur at the joints. If the joints are stronger than the bricks then cracking will tend to occur through the bricks themselves.